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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Saving on Save the Dates

Saving on Save the Dates

On that not, our Save the Dates are in the mail!

Its John and I's one year anniversary today...and today, our wedding Save the Dates went out in the mail. Talk about things that change in a year, huh? But, man, what an incredible year its been. I cannot wait to celebrate with the love of my life this week. He is seriously my better half at least 97% of the time.
Sneaker game on fleek. Only I could find a man who loves shoes as much as I do.
This morning, I dropped off our Save the Date postcards at the post office. What an awesome feeling! Its basically one of the first things I've done that really feels like "whoa, I'm getting married. This is real life". That said I wanted to share my process in creating and sending my Save the Dates.

 I really believe that Save the Dates are one of the easiest places to cut on your budget for a few reasons. Although some people might disagree, Save the dates are largely option to send at all. Traditionally, they were only sent for the most formal weddings or to out of town guests who might need to book travel or accommodations earlier than the invite is sent. In a world where weddings are incredible money making machines, Save the Dates have become the norm.

When you start to research Save the Dates, you'll see everything from flat cards for under $1 in a plan white envelope to extravagant full color cards with laser cut imaging in formal envelopes for $3-$5 each. If you have the money, I say go for what you love because I always error on the side of extra extravagant; however, if you're most brides, you're on some kind of budget. Any money saved here can be reallocated elsewhere and I promise you can get a professional and adorable memento to send your guests for much less than you think.

We decided right away that we wanted a magnetic 5x7 inch postcard for our guests. Because we have a heavily out of town guest list, I also knew that we need to get these babies out as soon as possible to give people plenty of time to plan ahead. I headed over to my old friend Vistaprint.com where I have gone in the past for many budget customized printed items. There, you can upload your own design or use one of their templates. They also almost always have a 50-60% off sale going on...don't even bother purchasing if not.

We modified the fonts and colors on an existing template to use a few of our favorite engagement photos. We also planned ahead of engagement photos and wore colors similar to our Wedding Brand, so we could be sure to incorporate our wedding colors into the Save the Dates without clashing. This goes back to building the foundations of your wedding theme to create a comprehensive guest experience from the start.

Your Save the Date cards are also a great place to feature your Wedding Website and start getting information about your wedding out to your guests. There obviously isn't enough room to write all the details on one small card-- that's what the invite is for-- but adding the website gets the ball rolling.

For 200 Save the Date 5x7 Magnet Postcards with plain white envelopes included, we paid under $70.
Tah dah!

Because I can't just leave anything alone. I opted to order custom envelopes in purple and ivory with a custom monogram and return address printed on the back. We also opted to have the security tint on the envelope printed with our names. Just a couple of extra touches that I feel really pull together the entire package and emphasis our wedding brand overall.

For 200 Custom Printed Envelopes, we paid under $45.
Proof of Backside of Envelope
 But wait, there's more. I had two final touches. Because my hand writing in horrendous, I opted to use Avery oval labels ($15 for 180 at Staples) with a colored template (free online) to design my address labels. I topped off my Save the Dates by ordering Ivory Wedding Roses stamps from USPS.com instead of using American flags or State Birds or whatever the damn post office had in stock at the time.

Herro. We're coming to your mailbox soon.
In my opinion, I think I got a great finished products for just over $100 (not including postage), it doesn't get much sweeter than that. If you have less guests, this is obviously going to be much cheaper for you; however, Vistaprint does have unusual quantity pricing style-- where 200 is sometimes cheaper the 150, etc.

As I said before, Save the Dates are a great place to be budget friendly without looking budget friendly. You can get a beautiful product for relatively inexpensive and reallocate that money elsewhere in your budget. For me, I'm allocating it towards champagne. Because when given a choice, always choose champagne, right?

Please feel free share in the comments any images of your Save the Dates or the ways that you plan to save on your wedding.


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