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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

BEST OF {Not So} Single Girl's Wedding Inspirations: Andrea's Quirky Red and Aqua Wedding

***Note: This post was originally written in October 2012. This is an ode Andrea, now MY bridesmaid, and I will recap her 2013 DC Wedding tomorrow***


Wedding Inspiration of the Week:

Andrea's Quirky Red and Aqua Wedding

So, this week has once again been insanely frickin' busy. I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, so I'll likely be mostly MIA next week. I hate this month. As much fun as it has been and such, it has been very expensive and I once again feel like I'm just vacationing in Phoenix and barely living here. Perks to this week are that I got my absentee ballot and cast my vote for president, which is a veryyyy important civic duty, my friends. So be sure you also do that.

Second, I don't have to work for an entire week because I'll be drinking Pina Coladas on the beach and basking in the sun with one of my besties, Kyle. Y'all are jelly, I know it.

Before I do all of hard relaxation in Hawaii, I wanted to put up the long-promised wedding inspiration for my blogger bestie and sorority sister, Andrea. We recently sat next to each other at Jamie's wedding (obviously a fabulous seating arrangement choice) and it was agreed I should plan her wedding. HAHAHAHA. I don't know how much she really wants me to contribute but hey, I figured a wedding inspiration can never hurt. I was completely thrown off when Andrea explained to me her choice in colors: Aqua and Red. Actually, she said blue and red, which to I said, "Star Spangled Wedding???" and vomited all over. We finally came to the conclusion it was not just blue, it was aqua. To which my first thought was:

Upon further investigation, Andrea has actually chosen a really beautiful and quirky for 2013 nuptials, so bravo to her for always thinking out side of the box even thought I originally turned up my nose at the prospect of Aqua and Red in a wedding. I actually found A TON of this color combo, which is why my inspiration boards are so plentiful.

Now, let's talk about the bride. She's amazing and smart and beautiful, but also one of the funniest and most creative people I know. She cannot have a stuffy formal event, for sure. She wants to get married in Maryland, which has a very lush, outdoor landscape for most of the year. I think her color scheme will go amazingly with a garden wedding theme, partially outdoors. Late summer would be the ideal time to utilize the rich, red fall flowers as well as the light-hearted aqua.

So, in my first inspiration board, we see a mostly aqua wedding with accents of red in the bridesmaid dresses and well as in the flowers and decor. I also found the bride wear the red heels and I can totally see Andrea pulling that off. I think that this has a formal, yet fun feel to it. The tables are very formal, as well as the bridal dresses selected, but there can be playfulness in the colorful candy and cupcake bar, which is obviously a very popular wedding "thing" right now.

I really just can't stop with the red shoes on the bride. This is a must. Its decided. So, this board continues on the playful, garden theme with a bit less formality and a bit more fun. Place cards are all on sticks in aqua and red bottles and the signature drink with blue with a classic red and white striped straw. What a fun detail! I also think there's a lot more red in this board, which might be better for a fall wedding, rather than summer. I also love the way that patterns are featured throughout with the aqua and white patterned place settings and the fabric flower details.

I really just couldn't stop building this mixed boards. There's just so many cute ideas. Once again, this goes back to a much more formal wedding with more blue than red. I think that would ultimately be the way to. While I don't think this wedding plays out as much fun, I can see this as a very Baltimore indoor wedding. That cake with the cascading flowers is absolutely to die for, if you were to have a large, formal wedding. A new accent featured here are the programs hanging on the chairs lining the aisle. This is something I haven't seen before, but I like it a lot. Sticking with a bit of playfulness, I've added in with the red lanterns and a red signature cocktail served in a mason jar.

Now to the important thing, sweets and snacks. I had a hard time coming up with something more creative than signature cocktails and candy bars in this color scheme, but I tried my best. We've already previewed several tradition looking cakes in the first three inspiration boards, but I really think a candy and snack bar would "put the icing on the cake" for this wedding. It would be easy to add personal touches with snarky names for each item and customized printed menus for each buffet. I also found the roll of "sweet" tickets and the mini popcorn horns, which could be neat since a.) Andrea's fiancee has a career in movie theaters and b.) Andrea is going to be a break out Hollywood star any minute. Perhaps a person touch for the signature cocktail and sweets bar would be a movie theme with gold star accents and take home mason jars labelled with printed move posters of the couple's wedding day.

I hope this gives Andrea the nice shove she needs to start planning and stop letting her mom do all the work for her. I loved putting this together because the color scheme is so different than what I would ever choose myself, but it works amazingly well. I know this wedding is going to be glorious.

See ya next week, kiddos!


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