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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, Big Changes for {Not So} Single Girl in Everybody's Wedding World

In just about 12 hours, I can say I'm officially GETTING MARRIED this year.

2014 was a year of a lot of big changes in my life, mostly unexpected, some exciting, some plain ridiculous. 2015 is going to be about changes I want to make and things I want to do.

That said, one of my big 2015 goals is to [finally] finish writing my first draft of my book! As my days as Single Girl draw to a close, I feel it necessary to document some of my exploits in my memoir. Part of finishing that book is stepping up my blogging game, as I've failed so very miserably this past year.

And stepping up the blogging game means SGIEWW has finally moved to a real domain from that ridiculous Blogger URL! Here we are at NotSoSingleGirl.com where I plan to stick around for awhile.

Stay tuned in January for a whole lot more wedding chat and our very first contest and giveaway! I'm also looking for guest bloggers with your own wedding world story to tell. If you're interested, please email MoralesPartyofTwo@gmail.com to get on board.

Thank you to all of my loyal readers who have stuck around through the good, the absent and the Reddit incidents of 2012-2014.

May your 2015 be filled with as much champagne as I plan to consume this evening.


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