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Monday, December 15, 2014

I found the gown! (and it was nothing like Say Yes to the Dress) #SorryNotSorry

Its true.

I found the gown.

I said yes to the dress.
Before you read the end of my wedding dress saga, I encourage you to read:
The story is still a bit different than the usual "I went to the boutique, I knew it was the one, and I bought it...and I loved it 8 months later". I wish it would've been that way to keep me from pulling my hair out and stressing eating fudge. But instead, I pulled my hair out and ate a ton of fudge.

I first tried on this gown back in October during a trip to Chicago for Amy's baby shower. Amy, my mom and I went dress shopping which lead a nightmare experience of basically not being able to get into any of their teeny tiny samples and being SO embarrassed until they lead me into a "plus size" room of 15 samples which were 10 or more sizes larger on me. I won't recount the tale any further but it remains, I said no to the shitty bridal boutique, not to the dresses.

I actually tried MY dress on right there in that plus size room, with tears streaming down my face in embarrassment still. The sample was so big that they had it clamped every place possible. I couldn’t even see the beauty in the dress with all of the turmoil.

Fast forward to earlier this month, I was at a boutique in Scottsdale trying to find a dress and I saw MY dress on the mannequin front and center in the store. I had them pull it and it was a size small, but I was able to wedge myself into enough to know that maybe I should have given this dress a chance previously. However, with a [Price Much Larger than Necessary and Far over the Budget] price tag, I wasn’t ready to make any rash decisions after I had come this far in the process.

The wedding dress search was quickly becoming a serious and calculated business. In and out of appointments. Identifying dresses on the hanger I'd already tried on and pass over. I consider myself an expert after 50+ dresses tried on. After a couple more boutique visits, I couldn’t even find a dress I wanted to try on. Nothing seems to top the dress I had already left behind twice. I started thinking about it more and more….having dreams about it…the obsession was growing.

The growing obsession is nothing new for me when it comes to shopping. Too often, I try on a pair of shoes and love them, but pass them up. For weeks, I think about them and the tension grows and grows until I MUST BUY THE SHOES. Sometimes they're sold out and sometimes not, but either way its meant to be, whatever the outcome. I felt basically the same about MY dress....but like 1000000x more obsessed.

So, I had to have the dress. Its over budget. It takes 9 months to order. It might cost a fortune to alter. DO. NOT. CARE. Must. Get. The. Dress. 

I hit the internet just to make sure I wasn’t being ripped off by an upscale bridal boutique (I always price check on all things in life) and just happened to find MY dress in MY size as a sample, on sale, at a bridal store in Idaho (of all places?) for [An Amount More Reasonable But Still More Than I'd Like to Admit]. If I paid in full up front, they would give me a two day grace period to decide if I wanted the dress...and if not, would allow me to return it for only the cost of shipping and a $30 restocking fee.

So, I did it. I bought the sample. And she got here two Fridays ago. I took it immediately to my seamstress who quoted me about $400 in minor alterations. The dress is in pristine condition and literally took my breath away. So, after much ado, I present, MY DRESS. Finally!

And in my hands. No waiting. Paid for in full. I could not be happier in this turn of events.

I'm just a blushing bride in a beautiful dress. TROLOLOLOL.

Please, bitches, you think I'm going to post a photo of the dress after all that?

It might not be the typical “Say Yes to the Dress” story, but certainly is quite the story, as all things in my life usually are. Expect a few blogs over the holidays as I have a lot of material I'm working with these days as wedding planning gets into full swing.


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