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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uber is Saving My Life One Drunk Disastrous Date at a Time

Uber is Saving My Life One Drunk Disastrous Date at a Time

If you people don't know what Uber is, you're missing out. Its basically the best thing ever if you're a classy, but forever drunk, person in urban area (which I think applies to most my readers):

1.) You can summon an Uber car and see how far away it is in real time ALL WITH THE MOBILE APP. You can literally watch your ride move toward your location. The little cars are really cute on the app too. No more repeatedly calling Yellow Cab demanding a cab at 9pm on a Friday or subsequently having to wander into traffic and show a little leg at 3am to get home.

2.) Drivers for Uber are really nice. I recently got disastrously drunk in Old Town Scottsdale and summoned Uber to pick me as I chowed down on a jumbo slice of pizza. Before I could even finish my slice, the Uber car had arrived. I piled in the front seat, caught my high heel in the hem of my skirt and fell face first into the driver, dropping my pizza slice into his lap. He still graciously drove me home. I still ate the remaining pizza. Sorry, I'm not Sorry.

3.) Its cheaper and classier than a traditional cab. I recently was in Chicago for a wedding and got in a cab. When I went to close the door, I grabbed the door handle full of vomit from the last passenger. Not acceptable...does not happen with Uber.

4.) It gives you choices! You can summon a black SUV or car for a classy night out or use UberX to get a local driver in a nice, clean ride to come get you.

5.) The app charges your ride directly to your credit card which, for people like me who don't ever have cash, not even a penny, is a life saver. No more awkward tipping situations or negotiating fares (maybe only I do this in DC?). You can also split the fare with a friend if you both have the app or swap to the business mode which keeps notes for your expense reports. After your ride, it emails you a handy little receipt. Its harder to lose emails than it is to lose tiny little paper receipts that end up crumpled in the bottom of my purse.

6.) And right now, my bestie Rachel is offering you an amazing Uber deal. Download the app, use the promo code "RACHELUBER" and get $20 in free credit on your first ride. DO IT.

You're the best, kiddos.