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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17th marks the end of my Quarter Life Crisis

July 17, 2013

For more everybody else, this is a Wednesday unlike any other day of any other week in the middle of a hot, hot summer, but for me, it was 1 year ago today that my Quarter Life Crisis began, and today, I decided its over. One year is enough excitement. 

The primary goal of my Quarter Life Crisis is that I didn't want to be the fat girl any more. This is what I looked like in early 2012:

Then I spent the last year dedicating myself to a healthy lifestyle, diet and regular fitness regiment. I lost 100 pounds to date. I don't post these photos out of vanity, but rather out of pride. There is no better feeling than knowing you're better, faster, stronger than you were the day, or month, or year before.

This is what I look like today:

But wait, there's more.

Getting into the best physical shape of my life was only one small part of my Quarter Life Crisis. I was in a terrible living situation, a dead end job, miserable with single life while still pining over my ex, driving a car with no air conditioning, and generally unhappy with all things not going my way in life.

So, I changed it. I moved into my very own condo last month and am enjoying owning my own furniture and decorating things my way. I changed careers to pursue my love of non profits. I became pretty okay with being single for the long run, but I still have my moments. I sent a thank you note to my ex to thank him for being part of the inspiration to change my life. I bought my personal trainer flowers to let her know how much I appreciate her. I bought a new car that is super hot and super fast and it has air conditioning. 

Most importantly, I am genuinely happy with my life, although it still has plenty of challenges and road bumps. 

So that's it. I spent a year in crisis and now, I'm done with it. Time to roll with the punches and enjoy life.



  1. First of all, you look amazing! Congratulations on the weight loss! I lost about 40 pounds during 2012 and I thought that was awesome. You go girl!

    Second, I love that you adopted the mentality to just change something about your life and what made you unhappy. I did that as well and it's hard to explain to people who don't get that the world is NOT out to get them. There are some people who I cannot understand why they want to continue living in sadness/unhappiness when they can change their situation (I know there are certain circumstances where they can't be changed). Good for you, girl! :)

  2. You have amazingly worked out your physical and reduced much of your fats and weight. Your crisis life has really worked out and reduced your weight to quarter.