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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry.

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry...My life is a complete disaster.

But seriously, it is. But its not, but then it really is. I change my mind by the second. So, basically everything is happening for me. I'm intensely busy, obviously not blogging and likely drinking more vodka than I should be. SO KILL ME. Here's some shit that's going down:

I'm Moving on June 14

I gave up on the roommate trauma and decided to get my VERY OWN one bedroom apartment. Today, I applied to connect the electric in it. I felt like a real adult. I'm sure in 3 weeks when I'm sitting on the floor eating cereal straight from the box with hands because I have no silverware, pots, pans, bowls, plates or anything one might in an apartment, I will no longer feel good about this. I have bed and a TV and 1 frying pan. This is how I will live until September when Wedding Season is over.

I informed College Ex that I will be staying with him when I visit DC

I decided to stir up trouble yesterday by declaring to my College Ex that I would be staying with him during my October visit to DC. While this is absolutely 1000% unlikely because I have actual people that I like in DC to stay with, I wanted to put the idea in his head so perhaps he could casually mention it to his totally fug girlfriend. Three of us were sitting around enjoying some Froyo in the 1000 degree Arizona heat yesterday casually listing the problems with her--- like the ratio of Facebook photos she has with her cat vs. with College Ex. The answer is 100,0000,000 to 1. No joke. Seriously though, I'm getting really concerned for College Ex. I think he might be sick?

I'm Planning Bridal Showers like a BOSS

As we all know, I am a professional event planner and I am giving my friends the royal treatment on my dime to throw some ballin' Bridal Showers for their weddings. We kick things off for Kelsey on June 8th, followed by Amy's on June 29th. Its super exciting because we decided to go with the themes from their bridal shower inspirations that I used in my blog so many months ago. We're using a lot of the colors and crafts from the inspirations, making them into a reality and it will certainly all be captured here, so stay tuned!

Bridesmaids are Still Fucking ASSHOLES.

I really don't have much more to say about this other than I don't understand how you can agree to be a bridesmaid and then be such a horrendous friend and human being. I just do not get it.

Memorial Day Weekend is Coming Up

You all might recall the last three day weekend I had was President's Day where I went on an all weekend dating marathon, with a record of 8 dates in 3 days. I pledge to you, my readers, that I will exceed my last three day weekend record and make you proud. Its only AMURICAN. Also, because I might be dating someone I actually like, I will count more than one date with the same gentleman, which is normally against all dating policies I have in place, but he might be a good one. Its too soon to tell....and he might be reading this now, so HI, WELCOME TO THE CRAZY HOUSE!

I'm back, Bitches!