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Thursday, February 14, 2013

WTF Wednesday: When you're single for a year

One Year. Still Single.

Tuesday marked the day of my break up with the Ex. I can't say I didn't think about it. I can't say it didn't piss me off or make me a little sad inside. There were no tears, just a bitch session while dying on a treadmill with Lacie in the gym. Productive use of anger and sadness? I concur.

Thursday is Valentine's Day. It use to be one of my favorite holidays, since I had never actually been single for a Valentine's Day since I was 14 years old, until last year. This year, I actually could not have less fucks to give about it, in general.

I've certainly had a year of  change and growth. Its funny how the end of a relationship can change you so greatly and for such a long time. In my case, perhaps for the rest of my life. So, between the year anniversary of my singledom and stupid holidays about love, I've decided to give you the top 5 list of things I love this year, but didn't love last year.

1.) Blue Martini

I had never even been to BM at this time last year. Now, its hard to imagine my life without it. Blue Martini has been a home away from home. Too many memories have been created there. Happy hours turned happy last call's. Blue Martini, will you be my Valentine? I really feel like its true love.

2.) Tiffany, Jessie and Lacie

My Phoenix crew was awful tiny (as in, the Ex and only the Ex) at this time last year. Now, I have some amazing girlfriends-- one's who have made living in Phoenix worthwhile and certainly heaps more fun than it would've been alone. Clearly, you've read plenty about our antics right here. Its always easier when you have a shoulder to cry on, someone to tell you you're a lazy cow when you slack on the treadmill and someone always willing to get a cocktail when you're new and single in the city.

3.) The Gym

This is obviously a love/hate relationship. Its really like an abusive relationship more than anything. I hate it, then I go back for more. Gotta love what it does for the body. Not suggested to anyone who doesn't enjoy pain, exhaustion or the general lack of alcohol involved.

4.) My friend all getting married

This use to make me so sad and jealous. Nearly to the point of tears. But I've embraced it, taken the bull by the horns and gotten more and more (too much?) in all of the details of dresses and decorations and family drama. I like it. I like it a lot.

5.)  Myself

Last year at this time, I seriously was an unhappy person and didn't know it. When I moved to Phoenix, I did it because it was better than what was in Chicago, which was a miserable job, living at home, overall depression and weight gain. Phoenix was literally a breath of fresh air. Changed my lifestyle, changed my outlook and found the MOST important love---falling back in love with who I am. Is this mushy? Its mushy. I'm done now.

Happy Fucking Valentine's Day, my Bitches!

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