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Monday, January 21, 2013

Manic Mondays: When an Ex Resurfaces

Ex Boyfriends pop up at the weirdest times.

This isn't really an ex boyfriend crazy story, but it kinda of is because ex boyfriends pop up when you are very least expecting it doing the things you very least expect. In this case, my post-Australia ex boyfriend, Greg, popped up texting me on late Saturday night. 

I wrote a while ago on Manic Monday about Greg. He's the boyfriend who liked my family better than me and when we broke up for no real reason at all, I held his dress shirts hostage in my family's lake house for all eternity. Not sure what happened to them. Not sure I care.

Anyways, we've gone through a number of cycles friending and defriending each other over the past 2.5 years that we've been broken up. We are currently Facebook friends. He does read my blog. That was confirmed on Saturday night.

We have a quiet Facebook friendship. Its not like College Ex Boyfriend and I, who exchange links about zombies and occasion witty banter. I feel like our relationship is fairly hindered because he has a girlfriend and let's be honest, if I were his girlfriend, I wouldn't want him talking to me. I am extremely attractive these days.

So yeah, Greg and I don't speak on Facebook. A few likes here and there. Perhaps a "Happy Holidays". Nothing special or different, and we certainly do not text message each other. Like I said, our break up was something that happened and we moved on. I'm not sure Greg even liked me at all. He was so un-upset when I dumped him, I swear. 

On Saturday night, I had a night. One of those nights that's suppose to be a few drinks, but they were looked way too pretty and single (three brunettes walk into a bar...), so everyone bought us shots. Long story short, we got kicked out of Sandbar by 11pm for being too intoxicated and had to move the party to Blue Martini, where I shamelessly white girl booty bounced on a lighted platform and probably showed my ChaCha to an entire bar. 

We got way drunker than socially appropriate. I don't know how it happened but it did. When I got home, I was laying in Tiffany's guest bedroom waiting for the room to stop violently spinning so I could sleep. Then my phone started blowingggg up. 

It was Greg. Sending me an endless supply of dick pics. 

Then I passed out while laughing hysterically.

Well, I guess he reads my blog. HEY GREGGY!!!

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  1. " I am extremely attractive these days." hahaha yes you are!!!!!!!

    Also "I'm not sure Greg even liked me at all. He was so un-upset when I dumped him, I swear." Girl, I heard that. Been there, done that, bought the can-i-please-have-my-stuff-back t-shirt.