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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Week in Date Review Heaven: 3 dates, 5 days and One Indecent Proposal.

I'm back, bitches.

Over the holidays, I took a break from dating. Or rather, I should say I spent my holidays dating plates of cookies, cheese cake, hash browns and other related items I shouldn't have been putting in my mouth. Anyways, the holidays are over and we're back in the dating game and more determined than ever to find someone awesome to share my awesome 2013 with.

Early in the week, I went on a date with Aaron #1. He's a newbie to Phoenix, into body building and fitness, late twenties, pretty good looking guy. He asked me out to Pita Jungle (Really? Are we back to this trend?) and I accepted. I had just gotten over the flu and didn't have much of an appetite or desire to drink. When we sat down, the waitress took our drink order. I ordered a diet coke and he ordered a "diet water". Haha. Corny... When the waitress comes back, she brings a diet coke and a water. And he's like, "Oh no, I didn't order a diet coke". The waitress is like, "You said Diet and a water". Then he launched into a detailed explanation of his corny joke. I am embarrassed for him. The date was fine, he was just too nice and tried wayyyyy to hard. Many, many corny jokes and inspirational fitness tirades. Too many "well, this should be your outlook on life". On the way out, we walked to our cars that were parked just about 50 feet from the door. He offered me his coat. He told me to start my car so I wouldn't be cold while we chatted by the cars. Too much. Too much. In the days following the date, he posted various commentary on my Facebook statuses and blog posts about having a positive life outlook and how I should do this that and the other. Unimpressed. I just can't. NEXT.

Date #2 was with Aaron #2. Aaron is a cool guy, 30ish, from the Cave Creek area. After a few days of going back and forth on when we should meet up, we finally got together for Reverse Happy Hour at Friday's right across from my condo. He was a really nice guy, pretty cute and 6'5, so total brownie points for being an appropriate height for me to wear heels. We had a nice chat, he told me my photos don't do me justice for how beautiful I am (we met on Match) which gained him more brownie points. I like when guys text me immediately after a date and tell me how they enjoyed themselves. I will likely see him again. He was having some sort of eye surgery the next day, but after he recovers, I suspect I will see him again. There is potential there.

Date #3 left me a bit puzzled. The guy, Skyland (neat name, no?), messaged me and asked me out for a drink pretty much right away. I had no plans so I figured what the hell. We met up at a hole in the wall sports bar for a couple drinks fairly early in the evening. Nice guy, 28, also 6'5, very cute. However, he's not really looking for a relationship. UMMMM....WHY ARE WE HERE? He just got out of a two year relationship with...wait for it...a TWENTY year old. As in, not even legal to drink. That is just odd. We had great conversation. Maybe I'll see him again. Its pretty up in the air whether I waste my time with someone who is so fresh out of a relationship for sure. 

Now...the indecent proposal. I mean, its really not indecent...its just I don't know what to do with it. Back, way back, I blogged about why some people stay in our lives long term and others just fizzle away, and I talked about a guy who I have been friends with for 10 years but had never dated named Kyle. We've had a rocky relationship, a mixture of crushing on each other and rude drunken texts back and forth. Since September, he had pretty much fallen off the face of the earth since he moved to Central Illinois to live with his brother and I was doing whatever it is I do in Phoenix. 

Apparently, he got super sick after complications of an appendix removal and spent the past 3 months in the hospital nearly dead several times due to extreme infection spreading throughout his body and into his heart. Now that he's better and home, he felt like he had a second chance in life and got back in touch with me. He thinks I'm the one. He believes he is in love with me. That I am the girl who has been with him through thick and thin for so many years. He wants to marry me one day.

WHAT? WHAT IS MY LIFE? WHAT DOES SOMEONE EVEN SAY TO THOSE THINGS? Talk about throwing a damn curve ball in my life.  Holy hell. Disaster. DISASTER. DISASTER. 

Here's to making good decisions in 2013!

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