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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things I Love: 26 Random Acts of Kindness

Taking Pay It Forward to the Next Level

Y'all know I try to keep my blog as light hearted as possible, and do promise some fun blog posts later this week but I had to go with this semi serious topic today, because, hell, I benefited from a Random Act of Kindness today and then paid it forward. And I'm encouraging you all to do the same this holiday season.

As we all know, the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary last week was absolutely fucked up and terrible. That is clear. How we move forward is not, but the best thing I have seen to move forward is to literally pay kindness to others in this time of devastation and healing. There's a pretty great Buzzfeed article with the whole story behind it, so I recommend you read it. You can find it here.

So, I was out doing some last minute Christmas shopping today and decided to grab a coffee from Starbucks since I am constantly freezing cold now that I am not living in an 80 degree Phoenix winter wonderland. I went through the drive thru because I could not fathom leaving a warm car, even for a hot coffee, even though its still unseasonably warm in Chicago for December.

I was minding my own business, placed my order and was waiting to pay. The person ahead of me was kind of taking forever and I was getting annoyed because I was, well, cold and wanted my coffee and I expect the world to revolve around me most of the time. When I got to the window to pay for my coffee, the lady handed it to me and said that person ahead of me had paid for my coffee, a random act of kindness in honor of the children of Sandy Hook. I literally broke down into tears.

I'm kind of a grinch about Christmas, but this really warmed my intensely cold heart. What to do next? The answer: Pay it forward. I paid for the dude behind me in the drive thru's coffee and it felt good.

But I didn't stop there. I drove over to Toys R Us and paid off three layaway purchases that were still on hold. A few dollars out of my pocket, a few less beers at the bar and a couple less dresses from TJ Maxx and I made the difference for some family's Christmas. That's a really good feeling.

Whether its holding a door, buying coffee or something more, I encourage you to PLEASE get into the true holiday spirit and pay it forward this year. Trust me, its a great gift to yourself as well.

Here's an easy check list to get you started as well:


  1. I love this! I also really liked the idea of paying off a lay-away item. I would never have thought of that...

  2. nikki, I just read this article after reading your most recent post (very amusing, thank you!), and i thought you might like this idea: https://www.facebook.com/TheBirthdayProject?fref=ts. the birthday project has a similar thought to it as the 26 random acts of kindness, but it is also intertwined with having people do these random acts as a birthday gift to you, instead of trying to figure out what to actually give you. the idea is, after they do the good deeds, they will have fun stories to tell you, and you can feel like your birthday made a difference in a lot of lives. this was the original blog post that inspired the whole idea (http://mixmingleglow.com/blog/?p=1358#comment-246015).

    just thought you might like it! i think i'm going to ask my friends to do this with me next year!