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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times and that Time I Turned 25

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times and that Time I Turned 25...

Sometimes when we do not follow where the higher part of ourselves has already gone, the universe has a way of closing down other options which we've procrastinated. This week I joined the Quarter Century Club and my life's path has changed completely.

I know I've been absentee. This week basically started as world end level catastrophe and ended on the highest note I could possible imagine in my life. Things happened this week that changed my outlook, that changed who I am, how I think and how I feel. Some people think a birthday, even something as big as a 25th birthday, is no big deal, but the week of my 25th birthday is one I'll never forget. Let's review. 

So, I got laid off from my job Monday morning. It happened. I won't get into the nitty gritty details but I want to talk about this because its happening to a lot of my friends and people my age in general and I know how embarrassing and shameful it feels. I was certainly devastated and was completely blindsided by this event. Regardless of the fact I HATED my job and have been actively interviewing for new jobs, it is not a good feeling to be let go, even if the reasons have nothing to do with you personally. 

I rarely have spoken about my career on my blog but it was my entire life for the past two years. It was my family, my support, my source of pride and certainly one of the most amazing opportunities I have had in my life, allowing me to travel to all corners of the world and meet people I would've never had the opportunity to meet. Even though it wasn't perfect by any means, it was my identity. 

So, take away the career. What's left? I don't know who I am without my career....and now I'm 25, single and jobless. How's that for the start of the week?

After the end of the world, how do you pick up the pieces? If you're me, you go to Walgreens, buy a bottle of wine at 10am. donate blood at the Blood Drive in the parking lot. I may have gotten laid off, but hey, I SAVED THREE LIVES with my donation. 

This is called the art of positive thinking...and its where you start to pick up the pieces.

And next, you turn to the people in your life who can be a source of strength. These people are my amazing friends and family. No matter how far they physically are from you, they are still a resource. My parents and family were obviously very sympathetic and supportive, which I cannot be more thankful for...but my friends, just wow. I can't even begin to tell you how they turned my entire week around for the better.

I was very emotional and kinda sorta unstable on Monday after the lay off. My roommate, Jessie, was right there for me, asking what I needed and how she could help. Amy was right there on GChat talking me through the worst of it. Mike was texting me that I should come work with him so we could be pro bro's for life. Lacie was sending me positive texts during her entire work day. I received countless text messages and phone calls from my sorority sisters and friends across the country expressing concern. This included what was left of my coworkers who were shocked and horrified by what happened. Eva spent half of the work day shunning those involved and talking me through the ROUGHEST parts of my days where I just didn't even want to go on.

Bottom line, I have incredible friends who have given me an amazing source of strength this week. Let's move on to the fun stuff and away from my emotional Nicky Minaj tantrum about my life. 

So, although it was the middle of finals week, Tiffany dragged me out from my miserable existence on Wednesday night to Blue Martini for an innocent happy hour. Then our favorite band was playing. Then the manager was buying us shots. Then it gets a bit fuzzy...but this was the last photo of the night...with me being essentially held up by Brian, the guitarist of the band, followed by a cute photo of my leading lady, Tiffany. We look real pretty, and no, I don't know who that lady in the background is.

 ...And then the next morning....this was what I found in my purse.

WHY YES THAT IS 500 COCKTAIL NAPKINS. Apparently, Tiffany and I decided it would be fun times to play with the uber cute bartender Dave and take ever single bar napkin off of the bar so he could not use them any more. HOT MESS. At least I don't have to buy napkins maybe ever again.

Friday was my birthday. My friends spoiled me rotten. I went to mail my Christmas cards and found this snarky little attractive courtesy of Lacie. Is that my entire car covered in post it note decor? Surely, it is. She always knows how to put a smile on my face, even during the worst week of my life.

During the day, I also received the following from my childhood best friend (also Bride #2 in 2013). and from my Little Sister in Phi Mu, Rachey. Once again, I am beyond spoiled and so amazingly blessed to have the friends that I do, no matter how far the distance between us.

All my besties came out to play. We had super duper tons of fun. I got to wear a new dress courtesy of my roommate and fab friend, Jessie. Mike bought me a series of fucked up, disgusting shots. Tiffany bought me delicious shots. We go drunk. All was well. Here's some hot photos of it.

On Saturday night, I met up with Derek for dinner before I hopped a red eye flight back to Chicago (thank you to superwoman Lacie for driving me to fucking no where Mesa airport at midnight as well). I'm really starting to like him a lot and he looked super cute, despite the horrible rainstorm going on. He also is planning an open ended backpacking trip to Costa Rica....and offered me to come with him...we'll discuss this further later this week...but it sounds a lot like a new Eat, Pray, Love trip for me. I need to clear my head, and here's my chance. My fortune cookie even said I should go, I shit you not.

So, the bottom line is, the worst week of my life was made into one of the best, most memorable weeks of my life by my friends and family across the world. I am so thankful for my friends in Phoenix who stood by my side and helped to make my 25th birthday amazing, as well as my friends everywhere who helped me pick up the pieces and see the bright side again. I cannot thank those of you who helped me through this week enough.

So, um, Costa Rica, any one?

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  1. I kid you not, I almost sent you the exact same flower martini. Good thing I sent you 2 boxes of delicious calories instead.