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Monday, December 3, 2012

Manic Mondays: Remember MySpace?

Remember when no one ever head of Facebook and we were all obsessed with customizing our MySpace pages? I do.

So, tonight, Tiffany and I were sitting at a restaurant brainstorming what psycho story I could tell on my blog today. Tiffany, being a sane and normal human, doesn't have any of these stories. BORING. However, her very cool little sister has quite the track record with boyfriends and crazy stories, so we jogged her memory for a few good gems.

She told us the story of how she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, so she went into his phone and MySpace and Facebook and deleted ALL of the females he was friends with to teach him a lesson in love. This reminded me of a psycho story that I was actually on the receiving end of.

You may recall I posted a mugshot of a former boyfriend I had, who we call High School Ex. It never really shocked me he'd be arrested for domestic battery. In fact, I'm shocked it took this long seeing as he is the ultimate psycho ex boyfriend. It should not surprise you that I have a very psycho story all about him.

So, I went to college in DC, which is 900 miles away from Chicago, where I call home. Part of the appeal of going so far away was being extremely far away from High School Ex because he was extremely toxic for me, but nothing BUT physical distance could keep me away from his bad news bears because I was 17 years old and basically stupid.

We had been on and off, breaking up and getting back together from June until when I was leaving for college in August. He was cheating on me, getting progressively more jealous and I was spreading my wings and regularly hanging out with a guy I worked with named Ben, who, I'm certain is 100% gay, but he was old enough to buy booze and incredibly sexy, so we were always attached at the hip. Needless to say, our hurtful little games weren't doing anything but making each other angrier, more bitter and more psycho as the summer progressed.

By the time it was time to leave for college, we were mostly broken up but still talking regularly and saying the stupid "I love you's" and all that bull shit. Of course, upon arrival to college, I met College Ex Boyfriend among other attractive men who quickly stole my attention and led to me to ignore High School Ex's phone calls for hours, sometimes, days at a time. This made him furious.

One Saturday morning about 3 weeks into college, after a long night at the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity house, and after a day of ignoring High School Ex's calls, I dragged myself out of bed and to my laptop  to check out my sweet MySpace page that was very much still en vogue during my Freshman year.

When I logged in, my main photo was changed to a very angelic looking photo of me from Prom, all my personalization and profile information deleted, and every time I refreshed my page, more and more of my thousands of MySpace besties being deleted from my profile. I though I had a virus or a hacker...but soon I realized what was happening. High School Ex had my password saved in his computer and had continuously been checking on my MySpace for sometime. Since I had royally pissed him off, he decided to cleanse my MySpace page himself.

Of course, I was furious. I called him ranting and raving, but nothing could save my MySpace page. The damage was done. Years of work!!! How dare he!!! After that day, I really decided I couldn't have him in my life. I stopped talking to him and focused primarily on College Ex Boyfriend. All over my MySpace page.

So, thank you Myspace, for ending my three year psycho relationship. Of course, that certainly isn't the absolute end to High School Ex's and I's 6 years torturous affair, but for now, it is.

FOR ONCE, I'm not the craziest of crazy. Take that!

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