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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WTF Wednesdays: Help Me with My Very Own Catfish Campaign

Help Me with My Very Own Catfish Campaign

So, this week has just been frickin' blag. No Manic Monday, whatever, I know, I suck. Anyways, my brain has been total mush this week with work and working out and the significantly cooler Arizona weather which has lead me to wearing Uggs and a bikini to walk to the hot tub in my complex. Its a great look. I just got home from grocery shopping (and I went without a bra on, because it was just that kind of frickin' day. I am now a people of Walmart. Whatevs.) Now, I want to throw up WTF Wednesday before I can slack off tomorrow.

So, MTV has a new reality show. Its called Catfish and its based off the weirdo documentary that follows a NYC photographer who falls in love with some girl online who turns out to be some crazy middle aged woman who fabricated multiple Facebooks and family members and such to trick him. Its really bizarre and highly recommended if you haven't seen. Anyways, the dude who got fooled in the movie now hosts the Catfish show on MTV where he unites people who are in online relationships.

In the first episode, this cute little blonde girl named Sunny from Arkansas is in an 8 month relationship with this male model, Chelsea Handler production assistant online boyfriend. SHOCKINGLY, he isn't actually who he said he is. He is actually an 18 year old lesbian girl living in Tennessee. Sunny goes ape shit on her and basically does everything but burns down her country bumpkin shack she lives in. Next week's episode promises to unite 2 exotic dancers who have fallen in love online. I just can't wait.

In the mean time, I have my own Catfish campaign I need help with. Everyone needs to take a moment to think back to 2003, which AOL still existed, screen names were really important and chat room culture was alive and well. A/S/L/pic, anyone?

In those days, before I had a legitimate reason to be dating anyone, I had an online boyfriend. His screen name was Slapshot99999999. He was a year older than me. Hockey player. SUPER HOT and from Missouri. We talked on and off for the better of 7 years before AOL became extinct and we lost touch somewhere towards the end of high school when I had a REAL boyfriend and being an online pen pal was no longer fun.

So, I want to find him. Amy and I spent the better part of this morning trying to track him down on the internet and still haven't located a photo of him. However, I do remember his full name and according to our creepy Google searches, he is indeed a legitimate person. There's lots of old high school records and newer association records of him playing on hockey teams in Missouri as well, so I believe he's not an 18 year old lesbian girl in Tennessee.

Now, I need your help to find him. This is what I know:

Name: Jeff Cedra
Age: 26
Location: Hazelwood, Missouri
High School: Hazelwood West
Occupation: EMT??? (this is a bit fuzzy but some Google digging presents this might be true)
Former email address: Slapshot99999999@aol.com (no longer exists)

I also believe that I have found his twitter account, which is

I tried to tweet to him today and got no reply. So, I'm encouraging all of you to start tweeting him with my handle (@ndillz) and #CatfishCampaign and maybe even send the link to this blog to him.

Its not like I want to rekindle a romance, I just want to know what the hell he's doing these days and maybe make all my Catfish dreams come true. Who knows what could happen, but let's make it werk.

Please comment if you decide to help in any way and let me know.


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