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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Date Review: Great guy...One problem.

I don't know his name.

These things ONLY happen to me.

Okay, let's start at the beginning. This guy and I started talking on Match.com at the beginning of October, but I was out of town and he was out of town and I was in Hawaii and he was in LA, so on and so forth-- we kept crossing paths. But for the past month, we've exchanged texts and such. In the mean time, I forgot his name.

I tried everything. Google, reverse number search, job title search. Fuck you, Match.com, for deleting my older messages with him that CONTAINED his first name. So rude.

You might ask why its not saved in my phone. If you know me personally, I have a thing about saving numbers, especially the numbers of guys I am dating or am planning to date. I never put them into my contacts because I believe it jinx'es the entire dating cycle. So, rest assure, if you're a dude and we recently met or I put your number directly into my contact upon meeting, I have certainly freind-zoned you forever.

Anyways, moving on, I didn't save the number. I forgot his name in the month between messaging on Match.com and actually meeting. FULLY AWARE THAT I AM A MORON.

Despite all this, I decided to meet him for dinner last night at the Vig Uptown which is a pretty trendy place in Phoenix. This guy is pretty cute, went to Dartmouth, masters degree from USC, good job in public administration and just closed on his first home. He's 32, super cute and successful. His parents met at the University of Chicago when they were doing their Masters degrees...they're like the original Obama's. 

Anyways, we had a great date. He asked me out again for Friday. I said yes. Still don't know his name.

So, last night, I recruited my blogger bestie, Andrea, to call his cell phone in the middle of the night (since she works nights as a famous celebrity production assistant in LA) and listen to his voice mail which would hopefully feature his name front and center. Unfortunately, HE ANSWERED AT 3:30AM....and my plot was foiled. Fuckkkkk.

Only me. This only happens to me. Any ideas on how to fix this ridiculousness before Friday without looking like the hot, hot mess I am?

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