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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Date Review: I lost 60 pounds for dating experiences like this (sarcasm)

I'm going to keep going on shitty Match.com dates until I get back the same value in dinners and drinks as I spent on my damn membership.

 So, last night I pulled out a last minute date for reverse happy hour at TGI Friday's with this guy named Troy from Match.com. He's mid 30's, middle management, kinda slick lookin' dude. Just my type. He also didn't ask me for a nude photo and made a specific plan on a specific date and time without cancelling or changing it 7 bazillion times. Its shocking, but true. 

Anyways, I got a bar table at Friday's about 15 minutes before Troy and I were suppose to meet up, so I could get a drink and take the edge off a little bit. I ordered my drink and when the waitress comes back, she said, "Oh, and that guy over there bought your drink for you!". I look over and she's pointing at a guy who is, no joke, a quadriplegic. I'm really not trying to being insensitive or an asshole here, but seriously, these things only happen to me. Needless to say, I walked over and said thank you, made polite chitchat, wrote my number on a napkin (like, its only polite right?) and went back to my drink. 

So, Troy shows up and I tell him about my free drink and he legit spends the rest of the night staring the guy down like I'm his wifey or something. Weird. I was like, is this joke? You're seriously going to stare down this poor dude for buying me a drink. Awkward.

Troy was fine. He's actually really hot, with blonde hair, tan skin and blue eyes. Very ken doll looking and a little reminiscent of College Ex Boyfriend. However, he was kind of rude to the waitress. Like she would walk by and he would shout "HEY YOU" then order another drink. I was like...really? Being a former TGI Friday's waitress myself, that shit is really annoying. 

Then, he opened a menu and ordered a flatbread. He didn't ask if I wanted anything or like, for input on what he was ordering. Then his stupid flat bread came and he didn't even offer me any. What the hell. I didn't want any anyways. Fuckin' carbs.

Then we made for out like 10 minutes and that was nice. He was clearly pretty into me. Maybe we'll go out again. 

So, this whole night was super charming. I lost a ton of weight and now I have guys buying me drinks, I can't really complain about that. However, I guess now I need to be more specific with exactly WHO I am interested in. The following convo with Amy pretty much sums up my night:

 I'm going to hell in a hand basket. Confirmed.

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