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Monday, November 26, 2012

Manic Mondays: The best presents are the worst to part with

I'm a really great girlfriend and I give really great gifts...

But when we break up, I take it all back because a man's emotional connection to an electronic item is far greater than his connection to a woman, I swear. 

A week or so ago, I wrote about a friend of mine who tossed her boyfriend's ipod in the trees after their break up. This week, I figured I'd share my own story of silliness in taking back a gift that I gave to a boyfriend. 

I was reminded of this story because I had a super vivid dream about College Ex Boyfriend over the weekend, so I shared that with him via Facebook chat yesterday evening and we chatted and caught up. We're actually on fairly good terms most of the time, although there are still issues lurking behind the facade of everything is a'ok and we broke up like 4 years ago. 

Side tangent--- College Ex Boyfriend said that every time he runs into someone from AU, they mention my blog AND HOW GREAT IT IS and ask how he feels about it. He's a very good sport and I've been fairly cordial to him in the blog because he is a good human with a good heart. Sometimes I miss him a lot. We have history. I'm not wrecking that. Anyways, the point of this paragraph is... a.) WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE READING AND GOSSIPING? b.) I love you all so much for gossiping about my blog. It warms my cold, black, single heart. 

Back to the story. College Ex Boyfriend and I lived together the summer before we broke up. We also celebrated our 2 year anniversary during the summer and I bought him ("us") a 47 inch flat screen TV. While flat screens are now like 50 cents at WalMart, back in 2007, they were still pretty much considered a luxury...and a very expensive one at that. I have always been one to spoil my boyfriends. This wasn't the first big gift I bought College Ex Boyfriend--- the year before I stood in line in negative temperatures on Black Friday to get him the newly released Playstation 3 (oh, and yes, I let him keep that after the break up). 

The TV drama started the minute I bought it. When BestBuy was loading it into the car, they managed to lock my keys into the car with my cell phone, so I was standing there, in the parking lot in Arlington, VA, with no keys and no phone. I was already in rush because I had to pick up College Ex Boyfriend at work and I was already running late. Long story short, it was a really traumatic day because my phone died and College Ex Boyfriend was stranded at work...ladedah...he got a damn TV at the end of the day and all was well.

So, fast forward to the fall when we break up....and by break up, I mean, have the most heart breaking, horrendous, public fall out of all time. My friends commonly refer to it as the break up heard round the world. Soon after, College Ex Boyfriend started dating some freshman and THAT was absolutely unacceptable in my eyes. Lots of things were said, tears cried, ice cream consumed. After that, I got mad. Really mad.

Because I couldn't think of anything better to do than get even, I started plotting all the ways that I could show him I've moved on too. I got a new boyfriend. I got a new car. I put the happy face and my highest high heels on. Lastly, I decided I was taking back the TV...something so very, very near and dear to his heart.

I showed up at like 7am on a Saturday morning at the townhouse we had shared and insisted he not only give it back, but also load the heavy biotch into the back of my new convertible, top down of course.

Man, I've never seen such heart break, lettme tellya. Just further proof that men need tangible material items way more than woman, justttt saying.

I still have the TV. I doubt I would've ever bought myself a flat screen and honestly, the TV has been good to me. Its gone back and forth to DC twice, stayed a couple of years in Chicago and now it lives nicely on my dresser in Phoenix. The remote control did get lost in transit to Phoenix, but other than that, its been living a long life. 

Poor College Ex Boyfriend. At least I let him keep the PS3. Smashing that would've been tres fun.

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