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Monday, November 19, 2012

Manic Monday: Someone Else is a Psycho Ex Girlfriend too.

Someone Else is a Psycho Ex Girlfriend too.

So, sometimes I really think I'm the psycho ex girlfriend to end all times. And I'm not convinced that isn't true yet, but while I was trying to come up with another of my psycho moments, I was reminded of a good friend of mine's story of her break up.

My friend and her college boyfriend were kind of a similar story to me and College Ex Boyfriend. They were together from the start of college, living together and shared many mutual friends. At the end of their relationship, they were just nit picking at each other and it just wouldn't end. 

The main complaint she had about him was that he was an aspiring rock star. They went to school in a pretty small town in bufu Illinois where there are like 4 bars and 2 restaurants. His band played regularly at these small bars, therefore he believed that he could one day be really famous. Dream are nice, but lezbereal here...not going to happen.

One fateful night at the bar, she and he got in a big fight about his life's ambition in front of all his friends and such. This led to him shouting, "WE'RE OVER" and storming out. Well, the previous Christmas, she had bought his an ipod that was permanently attached to his hip, so in her infinite wisdom, she stormed after him, demanding he give the ipod back immediately. Taking material items from a dude in the midst of a break up is the most painful thing you can do to a dude, its true. Men don't relate well to the emotions break ups bring, but tearing a cherished material item, that is something they will feel pain for.

It doesn't end there. Oh no. He gives up the ipod begrudgingly and what does she do? SHE THROWS IT UP IN A TREE. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. NOW NO ONE CAN ENJOY IT.

She went back the next day. It was gone. C'est la vie. 

I hope you have a good little chuckle over this. I sure did while reliving it. 

My friend may kill me when she reads this.

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