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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WTF Wednesday: Apparently I'm undateable because I come from a "broken home"

WTF Wednesday: Brandon #2 is just an asshole.

As we all know, I thought I had rid myself of Brandon #2 for being kinda flakey and overall weird a few weeks ago. However, last week he popped back up with non-stop texts and appeals for me to speak with him again.

I'm a sucker and a glutton for punishment so I did. I asked him why he had been so flakey and awkward to me. He "came clean" with me and gave me the following explanation:

You come from a broken home and I do not. You're perfect for me and would be the perfect girlfriend but my family is together and I want someone with the same situation. I've dated girls in the past from broken homes and it just won't work out, but I decided to give you another chance..."

UM ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I, of course, went absolutely ballistic on him via text message. Is he seriously hating on me because my parents made the most selfless and BEST decision they could've made when they DID NOT get married and recognized it wasn't going to work out and lead to a nasty divorce??? You can call me a bitch, you can call me fat, but DO NOT hate on my family. Especially for a scenario that I had zero decision in making.

Brandon #2 then continued on to tell me that he pictured me way hotter if I'm thinner AND that I should drink less (this is probably semi-true) and that I'm extremely materialistic because I like to buy shoes and go out to Happy Hour in Scottsdale (ummm....he says this like its a bad thing?).

And then, he finished up by telling me we should date because he wants to be in a relationship.


Like honestly, really, seriously??? I don't understand. Maybe it was a big ole joke on me? But why seek me out, insult me and expect me to want to date you after all that? It must be a joke.

So, that's my WTF Wednesday. Brandon #2 is dead, gone, deleted from the phone and number blocked. SORRY I'M NOT SORRY.


  1. oh my goodnesss me. brandon is a dummy.

  2. Wooooooooooow. *facepalm* Just. wow.

  3. whaaaaaaaaaaatta douche. want me to come to Scottsdale and punch him in his lame face?