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Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Mondays: Tales of a Psycho Ex Girlfiend...Ruin his social life, ruin his reputation and lastly, ruin his career.

Ruin his social life, ruin his reputation and lastly, ruin his career.

I'm actually about 4 martinis deep right now so bare with me for bad spelling and dramatic half truths. Tiffany and I went out to Blue Martini tonight...we had a lot of martinis...and we had a ton of food...and our tab was still under $30, which is ACTUALLY mathematically impossible since each martini is $14. I guess we're in pretty good over there. I'm still 3 days away from becoming the Mayor on 4Square, but my friends are starting to ask if I own stock in Blue Martini....whatevs. I got to see my sexy man friend play guitar all night, as well as stare at the equally sexy bartender, Troy, all while watching the Bears kick the Cowboys' asses and getting drunk. Perfect Monday.

I have a bunch of updates in the man department but we'll save that for another day this week. Right now, I want to conclude the story of last Wednesday night, which you may recall resulted in a 3:36am bedtime for me due to copious amounts of drinking.

One of the highlights of the night was meeting this guy who runs a company call CFO on Call, which is a hired gun CFO for start up companies. Funny story, the Ex runs the exact same type of company. I was a few martinis in already so I couldn't help but let vengeful Nikki out to continue causing havoc for the Ex. 

In the past few months, I've explained how I've stole all his friends, sent him books, stole all his beverage, claimed he was selling a fish tank on Craigslist, among other fun and semi-dramatic tactics to destroy his livelihood as he knew it. Well, last on the list is to destroy the company he's been building for months.

Because I am a fairly saavy corporate bitch, he trusted me with a ton of information and such that he probably shouldn't have. He never made me sign a non-disclosure agreement for his client list or his e-book that I was editing, or anything having to do with his business. THAT WAS STUPID.

Needless to say, when I met his main local competitor (they actually ever "know" each other because of twitter and some sort of networking event), I was more than happy to tell the CFO on Call all about what the Ex was up to, including the comprehensive list of the Ex's clients and their retainer fees. As I write, the CFO on Call is working on undercutting all of the Ex's contracts with those said clients.

Do I feel bad? Not one bit. Hell hath no fury like a Nikki scorned. 

In other new, Brandon #2 is out. Brandon #1 is back in. Jerry from the Match Mixer is still hanging about...and yes, I did get my one date in this past week (for all those concerned citizens). I just haven't had the chance to blog about this shiznits yet. 

Until tomorrow, Bitches!

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