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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WTF WEDNESDAY: Match.com "The Stir" Mixer-- Take 2

If you get drunk, its pretty damn fun.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Its actually already Thursday for most of you, but I wanted to save this excellence for WTF Wednesday and I'm so excited about it, I have to blog before I go to bed. This night was just too good not to talk about.

So, may of you will recall my first Match.com "The Stir" event. I dragged along Lacie and Tammy to a happy hour at The Mint in Scottsdale sometime in August and hilarity ensued. This Match mixer was maybe even better---it certainly did not disappoint. Tammy and Lacie got lucky this time, as Tiffany agreed to join me for yet another Stir event at The Mint. We were planning on happy hour anyways, so even though Tiff has a serious boyfriend of approximately 1 million years, she was a good sport...and I offered to pay her bar tab...that is a good deal.

We arrived about 7pm. There was basically no one there yet, so we plopped ourselves at the bar in prime people watching position. Within 15 minutes, several dozen others were entering at a steady pace. I'd say by 8pm there was about 80-100 people there. Pretty damn good turn out. At some point, I decided I need to live tweet my experiences because there were so many exciting things happening, we were laughing wayyyy too much and the drinks were going down fast and easy. I just didn't want to forget a thing. Let's have a look...

So this pretty much sums up our first Match encounter of the evening. Within minutes of entering, we noticed a midget in attendance. I got so excited...she was legit the tiniest person I've ever seen. I wanted to make friends with her, but since I was wearing my typical 5 inch stilettos on top of my 5'11 frame, I thought I might step on her because I was practically the Jolly Green Giant...so I just sat at the bar and giggled and drank my overpriced cocktails.

Tiffany has the unfortunate problem of being very pretty and also very nice, so she attracted the biggest creepers of all. The first was Jay--as you read above, I thought veryyyy highly of him. He seemed nice enough, but lots of weird jerky hand movement that made me twitchy and nervous, and also, he was drinking soda at happy hour. I'm automatically suspicious of people who don't booze. Anyways, about the time he started to loudly voice political views, the bartender (from Naperville, for my Chicago readers) started pouring Tiffany and I free shots. He just felt that bad for us. YES, PLEASE. Because I'm a really good friend, I left Tiffany to fend for herself with Jay, while I made sexy eyes at the bartender and ordered more drinks.
After Jay left us to go mingle with other unsuspecting women, Tiffany and I wandered off and met this super cool girl named Sarah who is new to Phoenix and came by herself. She asked if we could be friends, and turns out, we actually hung out the entire night. At some point, we also pulled in Jerry, who is a 29 year old from Colorado with an MBA and working for Target Corporate. Tiffany played mad-style wing woman on that one. Jerry also witnessed the political debate at the bar 30 minutes prior, so he already knew how pretty and fun and cool we were. Naturally, he hung out with us the rest of the event. While I'm chatting it up with Jerry and Sarah, Tiffany is being harassed by some other weirdo who asks her to go have a "private conversation"....UMMMM, we're at a bar??? We finally escape weirdo #2 and Tiffany runs into a girl she went to junior high with who is kinda rude and kinda ugly. Of course, Tiffany is nice to her, while I stop to check my phone. I find my co-worker Meredith BLOWING up my phone with texts. Here's our convo:
I'm a pretty great co-worker, let's be honest. After all the excitement of new people and escaping weirdos, we're finally for the last segment of my live tweets.

I started up the VIP table with Sarah, Jerry, Tiff, myself and the girl from junior high, with her friends somewhere in the middle of the evening. Seeing how cool and fun we were, attracted a few other lingering Match people, including one guy who compared his job to being "basically Jason Bourne" and that he works in "military espionage". OKAY, I'M SURE. That's why you're telling us. Worst. Spy. Ever.

Finally its time to pay our ridiculously high bar tab and head out. Tiffany and I roll by Brandon #2's office, where he's working late for a hot minute...and well, you see how that turned out.

All in all, we had a great time. I made some new friends, got a few phone numbers from people I would legit like to hang out with. Certainly not in any romantic sense, but hell, I can use more friends in Phoenix for sure. As awkward as these events are, they definitely do force you to put yourself out there, talk to new people and embrace the fact you're a single in Scottsdale and you're on Match.com. There are worse things in life...right?

Wow. Tomorrow is going to feel miserable.