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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The GREAT David's Bridal Debate: it ends here.

I'm so tired of hearing brides hatin' on David's Bridal.

Helloooooo all! I realize I've been kind of out of touch this week, but I've been immensely busy attending happy hours and trying to fit my ass into a dress I bought for an October wedding that is two sizes too small (BUT IT WAS 6 BUCKS). Anyways, good news is, the dress fit perfectly this morning, so I can cut back slightly on the excessive exercise, but only slightly since I have clearly been drinking excessively as well. Anyways, the highlight of my week was certainly the Luke Bryan/ Jason Aldean concert that I went to with Tiffany.

Aren't my boots great?
I've certainly also decided my next boyfriends needs to have a southern accent, tight jeans and experience in two-steppin'. I'm going to start hanging around the country bars in Phoenix until I find one. I'm not sure I can pull off having anything in common with a country boy, except that I like country music that sounds like pop music. DOIN' IT.

Anyways, back to the point of this blog. As many of you know, I spent a good portion of each day talking with my bride-to-be friends about their wedding since I am either a bridesmaids or an attendee. This often leads to talk of not only bridesmaid dresses, but also bridal gowns. 

Now, for any of you who know me in real life, you know that I am someone who loves the finer things in the life, but don't get me wrong, I love myself a good bargain. I may be wearing $365 Tiffany's sunglasses, but I also bought my sundress at Ross for 10 bucks. Go figure.

That said, I cannot understand why my friends who are getting married, many of which are under 30 and on somewhat of a budget, hate on David's Bridal. I understand that "Say Yes to the Dress" has given us absolutely unrealistic expectation of what buying a wedding dress should be, however, THAT IS A TELEVISION SHOW. While they call it reality TV, we all know that it is not at all reality. There are very few brides with a $30,000 dress budget and the need for 4 separate dresses because they're having four weddings in all corners of the earth. So, let's stop fantasizing, start getting real and stop hatin' on David's Bridal.

So, I'm here to debunk the top three David's Bridal myths I've recently encountered.

Myth #1: You don't get "personalized attention" at David's Bridal

First off, this is stupid. While you make think you're super special because you're a bride, so does every single other bride who roams into David's Bridal. The people there deal with the equivalent of Black Friday shoppers pretty much daily. God bless the DB's bridal consultants for doing what they do, because I would probably smack a bridezilla bitch at the end of day 1 on the job. 

Second, David's Bridal is a franchise. Not all David's Bridal's are created equal. For instance, I went to a DB in Schaumburg, Illinois, which is near one of the largest malls in America. Its clear that they focus on quantity of dresses sold over quality of service due to the number of people who come in daily; however, when I went to the DB in Scottsdale, Arizona (a very hoity-toity rich area, in the middle of a ton of high end boutiques), I was treated with the "Say Yes to the Dress" experience even though I was just trying on bridesmaid dresses. They even brought me cucumber water since it was 7000000 degrees outside and I was sweating all over their dresses. 

If one DB's doesn't have what you want or the consultant isn't finding what you're looking for, ask for a manager's opinion or GO TO A DIFFERENT STORE. Just because on DB is shady, doesn't mean the next one is. If you need a cheap dress, you should probably be willing to go to far lengths to find that dress. If you aren't willing, then buy something mediocre and out of your budget--- Hell, I don't care, just don't bitch to me that DB is SO SHADY and the consultants has trashy taste, because I know from person experience that it isn't always that way.

Myth #2: You can get better bridesmaid dresses online for cheaper!

No. The answer is no. David's Bridal bridesmaid dresses are generally under $150 and require no alterations. I've now tried on over dozen styles of dresses there, as well as buying several off the rack as party dresses during their clearance sale. You've seen photos of me, y'all know I'm a busty girl. I usually have to go up one or two sizes to accommodate the chest region. Every time I've been to DB, they've had all sizes in all styles so I can try a variety of sizes to see the best fit for me, with the minimal alterations. This I like very much, because I'm not someone who can ever buy clothing without trying it on first.

I recently set out searching for a bridesmaid dress that Kelsey found online, so I could try it on. Of the nine boutiques in Scottsdale that carry the brand of the dress, only 1 had the style I needed and all they had it in was a size 4 sample (aka size 0 in real life, since bridal runs way small). I may never get to try on this bridesmaid dress until I've already purchased it and committed. I feel very, very nervous about that. 

Honestly, David's Bridal bridesmaid dresses are very affordable, come in many colors, sizes and style and can be ordered fairly quickly. I bought a lime green chiffon ruffley number in their last clearance sale and it was a huge hit at the party I attended. I wore it with no alteration required AND its super nicely made. The chiffon is flowy and soft; its lined and the tube top has boning up the sides for extra support. 
This color makes me look very tan, therefore its a big hit with me.
I was very impressed and have been recommending that my brides on a budget strongly consider DB for their bridesmaid dress since most bridesmaids aren't thrilled to be spending $200+ for a dress they didn't specifically pick out. If they aren't complaining, its because you have nice friends....or rich friends....I'm pretty sure you'll know which category they're in.

Myth #3: David's Bridal Dresses are "cheap" and "lower quality".

 This is a dress that you will wear for one day for 12 hours. And never again, likely. You go ahead and spend thousands on a dress you think its the best of quality. Hell, even a wedding dress hypothetically made by Forever 21 would hold up for 12 hours. Be real.

A while back, Vera Wang started designing an affordable line for David's Bridal. So, I've taken a few dresses from the LEGIT Vera Wang line that costs $10,000 and paired them with the David's Bridal alternative. See which dress you think looks higher quality....I'll reveal answers below. 

Dress #1:

Dress #2:

Dress #3:

 Now for the results:

Dress #1: Vera on the left. David's Bridal on the right at $1200.

Dress #2: Vera left, David's Bridal on the right at $1000, $58 for the sash.

Dress #3: Vera on the left, David's Bridal on the right at $600, with a sash at $148.

How did that little game turn out for you? I actually PREFER the DB dresses in every single instance. And the models don't look like ghosts. But besides that, there's essentially no difference in how they look---and they all look amazingly beautiful on the brides in the photos. No one could tell if your dress was $30,000 or $1,000....they care how you look in.

Try to spend less time thinking about what your bridal gown SHOULD cost and focus on how it makes you look and feel. The bridal industry is a bazillion dollar business and clearly DB is successful for a reason. Let them do what they do best and focus on what you want for your big day. I highly doubt you've always wanted to spend $10,000+ on a dress, but if so, then try to push that to that back of your mind and offer your guests premium bar with the $10,000 you saved on your dress. I promise you, they'll love you and shower you in far more affections for offering open bar than spending an exorbitant amount on your dress.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions? Share them with me!!!


  1. DB is actually really not bad. I got my dress from there. Bought a 16P. It came in and I had lost a drastic amount of weight. My dress being designed the way it was (you saw it) it was entirely too big and could not be altered down enough. I started bawling in the middle of the store because it was discontinued style and had no idea what I was going to do if they did not have a size remotely near what I needed. I then had to order a 10P (at no cost to me). For those who don't know, this is a real persons size 4. Therefore, it had to be let out in the boobal area because that part stayed large. This is the only part they messed up because it was not let out enough. It "fit" but was uncomfortable and my dress came unzipped three times while dancing. I did not go with them for bridesmaids dresses because my mom throw a hissy fit but that's a whole other story.

  2. well now i'm going to DB all day erry dayyy.

  3. Haha, oh Nikki. I mostly just love you for going to 9 different boutiques. That is too awesome of you. If I had realized it was that many I would've felt like such a jerk asking you to check ( I really appreciate it!). I feel like I probably would like David's Bridal more if I had the option of going to a different one that had nicer people. That being said, EVERY bridal boutique in my area has been frustrating and annoying- so really I think my hate is just of bridal shopping in general. :-P I promise I'll find a bridesmaid dress that you can try on first! Also, I've said it once and I'll say it again, I do really like that yellow-y flowy dress you've got on there!

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