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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WTF Wednesday

I really think I'm starting to loose it.

Today was a really chaotic day. Three main things happened today:

1.) My boss made me cry before 9am because he was real mean to me (I am an infant emotionally).
2.) I booked a rather pricy trip to Hawaii with one of my best gay friends from high school.
3.) I joined Match.com (like actual joined, paid, subscribed, sold my soul, etc.)

What caused this psychotic break from reality today? Well, its simple. This:

What is that you ask? Oh, just a wedding invitation (you can see Match.com in the back too).

Its the straw that broke the camel's back, I suspect. I got the invite late last night and while extremely excited for this particular wedding (Sorority reunion, wha whaaaaaaaat!), it was a reminder of how horrendously single I am.

I spent all night thinking about it. I got irritated seeing my college ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend on Facebook. I had stupid nightmares about my ex boyfriend. I felt miserable and angry with myself for being nearly 25 and single. What zigged when it should have zagged?

So, today, I was irritable and restless as I started my work day. First meeting of the morning, I got reamed out by my boss for something or other, which led to a mental break down as to whether I should even be in my current job position or if I should search for work elsewhere. Tears and misery ensued for several hours. Drama, drama, drama---I'm aware.

After a cup of coffee and a rice cake with peanut butter, I got my shit together and jumped on Expedia. My friend, Kyle, and I have been planning to go to Honolulu for some time. It really was just a matter of booking it and stop bitching about how expensive Hawaii is. I found a great price for flights and hotel AND FREE BREAKFAST. Ain't nothing wrong with that. So, October 27th, we're en route to Hawaii. Check out this swanky shit:

Now, for the actual WTF in this Wednesday, I joined Match.com. I saw an offer for $14.99 a month with a guarantee to meet someone, or get 6 more months free in my junk mailbox. I just did it. No rhyme, reason or thought involved. I just did it. I don't know why. I figured I can buy one less cheap dress at TJ Maxx for the next 6 months to make up for it.

Judging from what I've seen on the site so far, the quality of the men is definitely better than the free sites like Plenty of Fish or OKCupid. I would say they're 1000000000% percent better than the bottom feeders on Craigslist (but not nearlyyyy as hilarious).

There seem to be a heap of Chicagoans who recently relocated to the Phoenix area, which gives me an AWESOME opening line, since Chicago people love to talk about all things Chicago whenever they possibly can.

I still can't believe I paid actual money for a dating website. Welcome to the new single girl low.


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  1. I love your WTF Wednesday!! Seeing that I am one who comments on your post... you should write something about how AWESOME I am !!!