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Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding Inspirations: Stephanie

Just a week ago, my sorority sister, Stephanie, got engaged. She's another one of those really nicey-nice people in my life, who will bend over backward to make everyone else happy. I've given her the necessary lecture on how she needs to be Queen Bitch Bride, and in turn, she extended an invitation to be one of her bridesmaids. I'm thrilled to be taking part in her wedding, because she really deserves to get her happily ever after. Steph was one of my closest friends in college and I certainly consider her to be practically blood. Her wedding isn't until April 2014, so there's plenty of time here. In the mean time, I put together some fun inspiration for her wedding, based on her preliminary planning.

I love the  multiple hues of purple here. I don't see Steph having a low-key event, so I think upscale, classic and romantic will be her best bet. Plum is a bit dark for the spring, so lightening it up with cream and lilac hues will be perfect.

Once again, gorgeous mixed purple hues. Simple, elegant bridesmaid dresses and of course, a wedding program that has a Quatrefoil, our sorority's most sacred symbol. Now, on to the reception...

More bling, romance, mixed hues and a little bit of fun with some customized candy on a candy bar. I love the tall, crystal centerpieces and multiple flower accents on the place setting. I added in the purple martini, as I believe every wedding should feature a "signature cocktail". I think this blackberry martini has a real royal look to it. Last, I added in the "message in a bottle" place cards, because Stephanie grew up on the beach in Miami. I think it'd be a fun ode to her home as she begins a new life.

Happy Friday!!!

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