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Monday, January 12, 2015

Best of {Not So} Single Girl's Wedding Inspirations: Kelsey's Under the Sea Bridal Shower

**This Inspiration was originally published on 8/28/12**

I have a feeling this is the perfect themed bridal shower for Kelsey, who is the perfect off-beat bride...

Kelsey and I have been friends since the third grade. We've been through leggings, cat/wolf shirts, cross country moves, heart breaks, high school dances, drug addict friends and now, here we are, growing up together some more as Kelsey plans her spectacular backyard nuptials, set to take place in the Fall of 2013. She's having a semi-casual shindig in her huge, beautiful backyard with an array of paper flowers (yay for us who suffer from allergies) and catering by a favorite local restaurant of her and her Fiance, Matt. 

For as long as I've known Kelsey, she's lovely vibrant, fun colors and all things slightly quirky, so when I started thinking about bridal showers. I thought a really fun "Under the Sea" themed party would be perfect. Bright oranges, vibrant blues and tons of cute sea critters...perfection. 

Let's jump right in and get our feet wet with some beautiful decor inspirations...

I love the gerber daisy accents in orange on this first inspiration board. The orange, blue and violet work really well together and the unique, minimal patterns are perfect for a timeless, not tacky, touch, even though the colors are not a "typical" color palette for any event.

How cute are the goggles around the blue vases? So cute. I also love the big blue lanterns because they remind me of bubbles. I think it'd be super neat to actually create the feel of being under the sea, which could easily be accomplished with a little draping, balloons, lanterns and the color scheme we're going for. I especially love the photos hanging from the balloons in the bottom right corner...they remind me of looking at lily pads from the bottom up.

What is a good party without fabulous food and drink? Luckily there's plenty of fish in the sea to find the perfect combination...

Kelsey and I both love a good cocktail. So, instead of the typical mimosas, I propose blood orange mimosas, orange dreamsicle martinis and blue hawaiian punch, complete with shark fin ice cubes and floating fishies. These drinks are just too cute to pass up and are also absolutely delicious. They'll add to the orange and blue accents in the decorations too.

Is it wrong to serve up seafood and an Under the Sea celebration? Regardless, I'm a huge seafood fan so a big sushi platter to share is a must have at this bridal shower. I'm also recommending Lobster Mac & Cheese, Scallops Benedict on Crab Cakes and Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Mango Black Bean Salsa. All of these are super easy to make and make great finger foods at a party. They're easy on presentation and look as delicious as they taste.

I also thought that a few "sea creature" look-a-like foods could be served up, for those who don't indulge in seafood dishes themselves. Serving crab-shaped croissant sandwiches, calm and star fish crackers with spread and a beach ball fruit salad will spice up the menu for sure. I love how everything has the cute little cartoon eyes-- they're almost too cute to eat!

Speaking of adorable foods, these sweet treats are perfect for not only the theme, but also the color scheme. I literally cannot wait to make the marsh mellow goldfish pops. The orange soda in a custom labelled bottle will make for a tasty take home souvenir for guests as well.

As I mentioned before, I love sushi, so a desert sushi platter make from some of my favorite candies will be a great snack throughout the day. The watermelon shark in the middle of the inspiration board will be an awesome centerpiece on the dessert table as well. Pretty sure I'll cut my finger off carving that thing, but it will be WELL WORTH IT. Anything for my friends.

While this might not be the typical bridal shower theme, it certainly is vibrant, creative and adorable, much like Kelsey is herself. Between the cartoon-y sea critter foods and a decor that makes you feel under the sea, this over the top bridal shower is the perfect way to show Kelsey that life is better under the sea!


  1. I cannot wait for you to plan my bridal shower and all the things you will say about my quirks haha LOVE YOU NIKKI

  2. We were looking for a place that would go with our wedding reception theme. This place had lots of room, big table, table/cloth color combos that fits out theme perfectly, modern look, fancy and varieties of lighting. These guys took care of the event perfectly.