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Thursday, August 30, 2012

There's so much WTF in this week, it could be WTF Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc.

So, what you're saying is that its not Friday yet?

I know I missed WTF Wednesday...that's how much WTF has been in my week. I swear to God, I am so off schedule and out of element with this impromptu Chicago business/ cuddle my mom trip. First off, I'm still on Phoenix time which results in being up entirely too late and then being absolutely exhausted in the mornings. Since I actually have to get up, get dressed and drive to work (in my boss' borrowed car, no less, and I'm terrified of crashing it, fyi), I end up waking up a half hour earlier than I would to get up for work in Phoenix (with the time change, that is). For those of you who do not know, I start work at 5am in Phoenix so we're talking ass crack of dawn early for my poor, discombobulated body.

I also have a mother who wants to force feed me every single day. She's being really supportive of my little lifestyle change, but she isn't really good at supporting good food choices. Considering her main food groups are pasta, mashed potatoes and tomatoes, I suspect she's doing the best she can. She even tried to do cardio boxing with me tonight....bless her heart, she just doesn't look nearly as bad ass as I do when I do cardio boxing. 

Clearly what I look like doing Cardio Boxing

Probably what I actually look like
In addition to my mother aggressively pursuing all of my free time, I have been working late and not taking lunches all week, as I am overwhelmed with launching a new product line in two weeks. My tummy is all upset because I'm eating randomly and off schedule and I'm working out wayyyyy later than I need to be. The good news is I'm down nearly 3 pounds since last Friday, so obviously the stress is doin' my body good.

In other news, the dude in my life, Brandon, is still actively speaking with me. This is a plus. However, I will NEVER understand most dudes. Take this guy, David, who I'm friends with. He's basically all about me. We dated briefly and stayed friends, but seriously, he's told me he's still really into me despite a 1,300 mile gap. Anyways, he wanted to hang out this week and I said we should see Hit and Run, because a.) I want to see it b.) movies are pretty non-awkward no matter what c.) it's nice to see old friends. So, I texted him yesterday AND today. No reply. OKAY. I'm done. He reads my blog on the reg too so I hope he feels like a big ole asshole now.

So, this was my WTF Wednesday and Thursday. I'm all unhappy and ready to go back to Phoenix. Chicago is also cold. Unacceptable. I love my family and am looking forward to a weekend of trainwreck weddings, pinterest crafts and box wine with Amy, but fer realsies, this trip is messin' with my life. My life in Phoenix moves at a wayyy slower pace....just keeping up with the pace here is exhausting as hell.

I'm done whining now. Hopefully, the blog will return to its regularly scheduled hilarity once my life returns back to normal. Goodnight, bitches. Stay sane.

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