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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Date Review

So, I made my quota of one date per week. Good for me! Today, I went out to lunch and to a movie with Shane, one of my Match.com prospects.

Considering my last post about the WORST DATE EVER, today was certainly a breath of fresh air. First off, Shane is a Cornell alumni, former college football player and track star, 6'4 and a philosophy major. He's originally from Texas and a newbie to Phoenix as well.  Another plus is that he doesn't talk about wanting to move back to Iowa or Texas ASAP. He's excited about starting a life in Phoenix, like I am, and not obsessed with a life elsewhere. I can appreciate that.

We started off with lunch at Pita Jungle (deja vu last Saturday? Whatever, hummus is delicious). We actually barely stopped talking to order and then, eat. I was dominating the conversation as usual because I have a big mouth. I eventually stopped talking and let him speak. He clearly is a Philosopher at heart--- a true listener and thinker, whereas I just talk and talk without any clear pattern of organization. He seemed to like my banter well enough. We chatted so long that that we almost missed the movie. He wouldn't even let me pay for lunch--- a good man.

The best part of Shane is that its easy to talk to him. I felt like he was sincerely interested in the shit pouring from my mouth. He thinks I'm really interesting human and so do I...so we have that in common.

Anyways, we went to see the Campaign which made me miss DC and working in politics a ton. Pretty funny movie. After the movie, we hugged, I did my flirty eyes and he said he hoped to see me again. Hell, I'll take it. Considering its literally 121 degrees in Phoenix today, and I was sweating like a frickin' pig, I'm pretty psyched about how this date went.

We've been pretty much texting non-stop since I got home as well, so I suspect the date went well on his end as well. I realize good dates aren't nearly as amusing as the bad ones, but what can I say? I deserve some happiness on my own accord once in awhile, even though my misery is wayyyy more amusing for all of you.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new Manic Monday: Tales of a Psycho Ex Girlfriend with a feature on stealing all your ex's friends and keeping them as your own. Happy Sunday!