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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Date Review

So, in my unending quest to not be single AND meet new people in Phoenix, I try to go on a date at least once a week. This guy is my Facebook friends, so he's likely about to read this review. OH WELL.

So, I went out to lunch with Christian. My co-worker, Eva, was automatically in love because she now believes me to be dating Christian Grey. Unfortunately for Eva's over active imagination, he did not come yielding a gray tie, hand cuffs or a riding crop. Thank god, because I kind of sun burnt my ass at the pool this morning and getting spanked would've really put a damper on things today.

We went to Pita Jungle, totally casual. I was sorta freaking out since we met very, very close to where the Ex use to live (its a half way point between Christian and I). so I was irrationally concerned he would waltz in and...I mean, what would actually happen? He'd ignore me??? (as he is already doing, because I'm really annoying and mean when I want to be).

Anyways, eventually I stopped having an internal spaz sesh and hunkered down into hours of stories about my interesting life, while he politely sat and listened to me. I even let him talk a little. I really need to work on not being such a loud mouth. Then I stole the waitress' pen because it was pink and pretty. I use to hate that when I was a waitress, now I AM THAT PERSON. Le sigh.

We chatted long time and then went our separate ways. Real, nice, genuine guy.  I like him. I'd go out with him again. The only downside is that he really didn't seem like he's interested in forming a life in Arizona. He's been here two weeks and he's already talking about how he'll spend his summers back in New York, while he's off from teaching.

Doesn't anyone like building a new life? Starting somewhere new? Making friends who AREN'T in their home town? I don't know. I'm doing my best to focus on life here, instead of thinking about life elsewhere. This seems a chronic problem with Arizona newbies. I think Arizona is a pretty damn likeable place. Maybe that's because I'm on step from hermit status and am thoroughly convinced I'm that crazy cat lady, sans cats.

So, now its 8pm, and I'm home buying shoes online. I'm good with that.

Happy Saturday, Y'all!

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  1. i think he's christian grey too. and last saturday, i too, bought shoes online. amennn