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Friday, August 17, 2012


Its Friday night...I hope you're out having a martini.

Unlike me, who is home and cooking up some delicious recipes for next week. I'm pretty much exhausted from this week and irritated that I'm not going to make my one date quota this week. However, several great things happened this week/ are going to happen still this weekend:

1.) My friend has awakened her sexual prowess recently by reading 50 Shades of Gray and other such romantic novels. I think this is great. She reads the blog, and I'll bet she's pretty excited for this blog shout out.

2.) I got my first pair of real cowboy boots. I recently got into country music, so this is now a necessity for the multitude of country music festivals I'll be attending in the near future.

3.) I've officially lost  25 pounds since I started trying. I'm proud of that.

4.) I'm going to see a world famous psychic tomorrow. That should be, if nothing else, amusing. We can all use some celestial guidance.

5.) I paid all my bills, so I'm freeeeeeee until the end of the month. Its almost like I'm a real adult.

And last, I had an "I'm movin' on" epiphany. I stumbled across this guy's dating profile yesterday night and immediately I felt butterflies. Not just like, "wow, he's good looking", but just a really odd spark that I haven't felt in a long time. 

If you've been reading my blog or talk to me regularly, you know that I'm not 100% over my Ex and participate in ridiculous, immature charades to both annoy him and get over him in some bizarre way. Karma bit me in ass and I'm still paying for it. So, during my adventures in dating, I always have these "good" dates with "nice guys"....except in the case of the worst date ever.

As we have always said in sorority recruitment, "good" and "nice" are what you say about people you have nothing else to say about. It means incredibly mediocre...and that's certainly not what I'm looking for in a potential boyfriend/husband/soulmate.

Anyways, it sounds totally stupid, since I haven't even met the guy in real life, but there's a spark. We spent last night sending novels back and forth. He even has good grammar! Today, we spent the day texting and agreed to grab a drink early next week. 

The point of this story isn't about the guy (although he is really hot and super funny), but its more about me finally feeling a connection to someone...ANYONE. I haven't felt ANYTHING about ANYONE since my Ex...and now finally, a little, tiny spark somewhere way down deep. 

Who the heck knows if it'll work out with this guy or if we'll even get past a first date. But I'm going to try like hell to nurture that tiny spark the best I can, for sure. If anything, I'm pursuing this for myself, because I really need to get my head back in the dating game.

I hope y'all have an amazing weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with some feedback from this psychic. Anyone have special requests?


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  1. ugh, NOT drinking a martini, but SOOO proud of your 25 pounds lost! i'm jealous. not that i'm trying. i had a giant bucket of fro yo for dinner.