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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friends don't let friends miss Shark Week

Its that time of year again.

Happy Shark Week, Y'all!

 As someone who has personally been cage diving with extremely aggressive and large great white sharks, I can say that it is absolutely terrifying and that comes from someone who loves adventure sports more than anything else. In my case, we weren't even allowed to use SCUBA gear due to the bubbles making the male sharkies way too angry. We found that out the hard way after they were swimming face first, jaw open directly into the cage. Pretty frickin' amazing. Here's a couple pics of me out on the dive boat in Cape Town, South Africa, and one shabby photo of a big ass shark over the side of the boat.

I'm super duper hung over and had just puked over the edge of the boat as well.
Clearly Professional Photography Status
 If you're like me and looking to spice your Shark Week up---make it even BETTER than being the best week of the year---then you can use the handy Bingo game below that I found to amuse yourself just a tiny bit more. I'm psyched for SW2013, and you should be too. May your shark week be filled with all of the blood, jaws, adventure and nightmares that mine always is.

 Embrace it.

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