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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bridal Shower Inspirations: Amy's Breakfast at Tiffany's

If you're my friend, I'll do anything for you. If you're my best friend and you're getting married, I'll throw you one over the top bridal shower...

There are a lot of reasons I should be Maid of Honor in heaps of weddings, but one of them is that I throw pretty baller events. For those who don't know, I was the Social Chair of my sorority in college. I spent painstaking amounts of time taking care of each and every detail, from party favors to centerpieces to carnation pink lighting systems, which is exactly what you'd expect from any true sorority girl. While I spent an equal amount of time  hauling kegs in the back seat of my Sebring convertible, I really loved planning all of our formal events which led me to my long time college internship planning political fundraisers. I spent time planning events at both the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions as well as several dinners, brunches and cocktail hours during the actual Inaugral weekend for President Obama. Event planning is my shit, and any excuse I get to plan one, I'm right there.

Luckily, Amy has given me free reign on her Bridal Shower, with the one request that we don't play stupid games and that we get super drunk. I would like to say, there WILL be games and we WILL be super drunk. Its not a classy event if there's no drunk girls, in my opinion.

I gave Amy a list of 10 bridal shower themes in an attempt to keep her actual theme a surprise. Of the list, the only theme she would "accept" was the actual theme I had picked. They don't call us best friends for nothing. So, it was decided. Tiffany's themed brunch.

Let's start with invites. The obvious color scheme is Tiffany's Blue and Pearl. Since it's a brunch, we'll give it the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme, since that's one classic movie. Its not like in 20 years, we'll look back and be like "why did we have a '16 and Pregnant' themed Bridal Shower?". That doesn't withstand the test of time AT ALL.

Next there's decor. We're still unsure of venue, but I'm thinking with a guest list of 20+ currently, we're going to do this under a tent in my parent's backyard. Plenty of room out there and we can cook, which is important when you see my food ideas. I'm a big fan of crafting and cooking myself, so I'm more than happy to spend time preparing all this in the weeks before. Decorations are going to be simple, sparkly, and elegant, yet over the top. I'm loving the blue balloons and white rose detail. Take a look at these decor inspirations:

Now, the most important part. Food and drinks. There's several courses we need discuss. First up, snacks and sweets. I think custom M&M's are for every occasion because they're just so cute. I'd love to have multiple buffets set out with all of our different options. I'm pretty pumped to make a bunch of sweets with the Tiffany's blue accent to it. I love those little doughnuts with the pearl sprinkles. What a cute snack!

Next, Brunch. I'm thinking there's going to a ton of type of food, all in very small portions so we can snack all day. Basics like french toast, bacon wraps, hash browns, fruit and quiche are so easy to whip up and will stay good all day long, even when not served super hot. I'm getting hungry looking at this.

Our next situation is drinks. This is maybe, the most important part of the entire Bridal Shower. This is what will save us from opinionated in laws, cousins who want to brag about their own weddings and jealous friends. It will have us laughing over bridal lingerie in no time. I suspect a bridal shower without booze would be an absolute trainwreck. All blue, very sparkly and super strong is what we're going for here. I have a few killer punch and champagne recipes that can be easily made blue. I'm also pumped for sparkly blue sugar rims on my martinis. 

Last, we've got desert. I want to get a real nice Cake Boss style cake made for the shower because I think it'd be well worth it. However, cupcakes would be a less expensive but equally adorable option. Amy is having a cupcake tree wedding cake, so I though that a full cake at her Bridal Shower might be, well, "the icing on the cake". Check out these beyond sexy cakes and cupcakes inspirations.

 I've said it once and I'll say it again...I LOVE THOSE PEARL SPRINKLES. Amy also has another bridesmaid who is a professional bakers. Hopefully she can help advise me on the cake vs. cupcake debate. Knowing me, I'll just do both and people can take them home. I'm pretty sure I'm agile enough to semi-appropriately decorate cupcakes with fondant or butter cream, but clearly a cake needs to be left to the professionals.

I am seriously beyond excited for this shower. It's going to be so sparkly and I hope, something really special for Amy. There is certainly nothing classier than Tiffany's.

Next week: Kelsey's Under the Sea Bridal Shower Inspirations.


  1. "16 and Pregnant bridal shower." Best. Line. Ever.

  2. I had no notion that organizing a bridal shower would take up a lot of energy but it was definitely worth all the planning! We got the bride to be a customized 'born to be bride' shirt with her personal pic printed on the product. Located this site that lets you personalize your own personal tank tops, beer mugs, invitations and tons of other neat stuff.

  3. Glad to know about bridal shower inspirations. My friend went for a bridal show at one of sizeable Chicago wedding venues couple of weeks ago. She bought nice dresses from there along with few bridal accessories. Color of the dresses is so unique and beautiful too!

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