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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

So, this blog is more like the free spirited rants of a 24 years old who is on the edge of sanity daily. It has no specific topic, but hey, I think I'm pretty hilarious, maybe you will too.

About me:
Nikki, 24, Chicago Native, Currently Phoenix Resident. Serious Career Girl, full time. Professional Bridesmaid, also full time. Survived a recent heartbreak. World Traveler. Avid Reader. Fiercely Loyal and Loves Without Reservation.

Me, enjoying a nice bottle of Champagne. I'm classy that way.
So, where does the inspiration for this blog come from? Well, all my friends are getting married. I'm not exaggerating, either. I'm in SEVEN. Count them, SEVEN weddings in the next year, two of which I'm the Maid of Honor in. You'll hear a lot about those weddings, as they belong to my two best friends, Amy and Kelsey. While they couldn't be any different as brides, they're both eager to discuss the intricate details of their weddings for approximately every hour of every day. 

Since all I do is chat about weddings, I'm starting to need an outlet for all of my other thoughts/feelings/emotional breakdowns/ quarter life crisis/ terrible dating encounters. While my daily conversation are full of flowers, DIY ideas and bridal shower themes, the cold, white underbelly of my life still exists.

So, here I am world.  Be gentle.

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  1. I love you girl! I think your amazing, hilarious and beautiful!